Science and Magic
magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet
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/rolls off to bed


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/wraps you in blankets
Oh noooooo .n. /rubs back
:c /gives medicine to


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hi I’m sort of here

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Ahh,SketchBook my old friend,it’s been awhile. How I’ve missed you.

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Toby Stephens Gifs


Gifs: 84

Tv Shows/Films: All things to all men (The Deadly Game), Strike back, Law & Order UK, Lewis

Gifs made by me


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Goooood. Just relaxing after a day of being poked by doctors and exploring the new city. =v= how is Kasie?

Good to hear that except for the being poked by doctors bit. I’m pretty good myself thank yoooou. ouo

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\ovo/ ayo Kasie-o. /offers fruit salad to

Heeeeey Rico, how are you? o-o /noms fruit salad

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s’up everyone

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