dang Angel, that was some really awesome scientific detective work



so that Mirrorverse thing:

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Anonymous asked: “ Do you have any superstitions? ”

Not specifically…

Anonymous asked: “ What's a scientific breakthrough in the recent years that's fascinated you most? ”

All of them.

Anonymous asked: “ What do you find hardest to convince people of? ”

You mean scientifically?

Some of the more advanced and complicated theories. I try to not use too much science jargon, but with some theories it’s impossible to explain without using them, and it can be confusing to people who aren’t scientists.

Anonymous asked: “ Did you catch the blood moon the other night? ”

Absolutely! It was amazing.

Anonymous asked: “ What's something you find cute other people might not? ”

-thinks for a moment- Rats. Everyone gives them a bad rap, but they’re adorable.