Science and Magic
magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet

It looks like Erik is just like, “Um…I’ll just—sit here, and ignore the leg next to my head.” 8|

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ohgosh. bless u phanty. tom will need all of the guidance he can get

Phanty: “Dang it, Tom, light the fireworks one at a time, no matter how awesome it would look.”

Lani: 8} Don’t worry about matches. -lights up a ball of fire in her hands-

Frost: 8} “Excellent.”

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frost pls

"But—fireworks, guys.”

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/the American Anthem plays in the distance

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.v./ do the thingggg /gives you cotton candy

ouo cotton candyyyyyy

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.A./ buh. Can we help at all? -throws confetti on.- Happy 4th to youuu
/a puddle from the heat.
.A. /cuddles

Aw, thank you Rico, but it’s mostly a lack of motivation/inspiration thing. And Happy 4th to you tooooo. 83

Heather no, no puddle.


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elisa-tow replied to your post:hi everyoneee

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how is everyone? ouo

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hi everyoneee

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